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What's going on? - 22nd October 2020 (including update 15/11/21)

As you may have noticed we have not updated our blog for quite some time. The reason for this is very feeble:

(a) we have had a very hectic couple years, leaving North America after 4 1/2 years, shipping our RV back to the UK,

sorting out the theft of a large quantity of items during the shipping (will explain more in our catch up blog)

organising the UK registration and legalisation of our RV, returning to Los Barriles, Mexico for a couple of months

to avoid the UK winter and then Covid came along

(b) after making an unsuccessful attempt to fix our broken laptop we have now bought a new one. So NO excuses

for not catching up with our blog. It may take a while, so please be patient with us.

15th November 2021

We still haven't found time to catch up on our blog although we have now caught up with most of our family and friends so they now where our travels have been taking us. Last winter 20/21 we spent on The Algarve, Portugal (5 months) after spending a couple of months travelling France and Spain. During the late summer of 21 we travelled Hampshire and Dorset for a very enjoyable time including catching up with our friends Enk & Ange.

We are now in Cyprus thanks to Simon & Nin for the use of their house and thanks to Dave for looking after Sandy and one more thanks to John for looking after our RV.

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