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We're coming home.

We are now in Bastrop, Texas, a very convenient place to make all the arrangements for our return to the UK.

During our stay here we will be organising:

Shipping our RV from Galveston, Texas to England

The sale of our car and trailer.

Getting the RV in shipshape order.

Veterinary health checks for Sandy before she travels.

Air travel for Sandy (at the moment very expensive quotes)

Booking our own flight from Austin, TX to coincide with Sandy's flight .... and much, much more.

It will be four years and four months since we left our home in Birmingham and what a 4y. & 4m. it's been. Firstly, the fantastic people we have met and the lifetime friendships we have made. The fun and laughter has been continuous with our new friends and those of you that have joined us for holidays from the UK. We are looking forward to all our Canadian/American friends joining us back in England and/or Europe.

We feel very privileged to have visited and seen so many wonderful places. From the ice fields of Alaska, mining towns of the Yukon, the beauty of Vancouver and Vancouver Island, the red rock National Parks of Utah, the streets of Savannah & Charleston, the music and atmosphere of New Orleans, the variety of California ( Hwy. 1, Redwoods, vineyards, desert, San Francisco, San Diago and more) and not forgetting Mexico and our favourite resting place, Los Barriles in Baja California. I could go on and on about all the diverse places we have visited but I won't because, you can read it all on our blog.

Definitely worth a mention is the wild life we have been lucky enough to have seen, Brown and Black Bears, Moose, Buffalo, Elk, Coyotes and from the sea Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Grey Whales with their babies, Dolphins, Elephant Seals, Sea Lions, Turtles and the list goes on.

It's been a wonderful experience living in an RV, we have both adapted well to life on the move. The anticipation of visiting new places and the joy of opening the door each morning to a new and amazing view.

Sandy must be the luckiest dog alive, running in the sea, rivers, woods and mountains chasing any small critters she can find.

We would like to thank family and friends for helping make our travels the most amazing time of our lives.

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