1st - 30th June 2017 - Baja - California - Nevada - Utah - Ida

Thursday 1st June

Los Barriles – La Paz 98 Km

We said good-bye to Baja Sunrise RV Park, and Jorge and Sergio, until our return in November. It was hard to drive away from the beach and the beautiful Bahia las Palmas. At the same time, we were looking forward to being back on the road again, seeing new places, meeting new people and catching up with some old friends on the way. The first leg of the journey was just 98 Km through the mountains to La Paz. The road was quiet, except for the occasional wandering goat herd, and we made good time. Our first stop was Walmart to stock up with supplies before going to our campsite for the night at Maranatha RV Park.

Friday 2nd June

La Paz – Loreto 350 Km

Heading west away from the coast we crossed an area of rolling hills and then flat desert before the terrain changed to irrigated farmland as we approached the large agricultural town of Ciudad Constitucion. Mex 1 continues through the centre of the town past numerous four- way stop signs towards the next town, Ciudad Insergentes, here we turned east. Leaving the irrigated farm country behind us, we began a gradual climb into the Sierra Giganta.

Our first view of the sea loomed into sight as we started our descent to the coast.

From the coast road, we had views over Loreto Bay National Marine Park and the off-shore islands.

Continuing towards Loreto we passed the beautifully laid out Nopolo Resort Hotel and golf course.

After parking at our stop for the night at Rivera del Mar RV Park -18 dollars per night

We walked into the town centre and strolled around the main plaza in the evening sunshine. In the plaza is the Posada las Flores hotel, a Spanish colonial style building with pink walls. An unusual feature is the glass bottom roof-top pool built over the hotels court yard.

Dinner was at Orlandos Restaurant. While there four people turned up in a very nicely restored old Ford Model T.

Saturday 3rd June

Loreto – Santispac Beach 536 Km

We departed the RV Park at 0930 and continued north to one of our favourite beaches on the Bahia Concepcion. A few kilometers outside town we came to a military stop. The young soldiers were very courteous, while one looked through the RV another spoke to us and completed a questionnaire, taking details of names ages, where from, where to etc, he spoke excellent English.

The route to Santispac Beach runs through a wide valley with the Sierra Giganta running along to our left. Mex 1 runs parallel to the large Bahia Concepcion for over 30 Km.

Two cows just taking a stroll along the main highway, no rush.

Pelicans having a fish feeding frenzy.

Many of the beautiful beaches along this shallow bay can be seen from the highway.

The cost to stay on Playa Santispac is 150 pesos (8 US dollars) per night. There are no services here but the price includes a palapa to provide shade.

Sal, one of the boatmen came over to talk to us with his little chihuahua, Chiquitito. Sandy and Chiquitito got on very well.

Sunday 4th June

Playa Santispac – San Ignacio 807 Km

Spent the morning in the sea and on the beach before setting off to our next destination.

At lunch-time we got back on Mex 1 to continue our journey north. We noticed that the RV had now clocked up 30,000 miles. The first town we came to was Mulege, a mission town alongside the lushly palm fringed Rio Santa Rosalita.

Mex 1 continues north to the coastal mining town of Santa Rosalia. The road is potholed and rough most of the way through town. There are several old rusting buildings, some have been renovated, reminders of the towns history as a mining centre since the 19th Century.