1 - 31 January 2017 - Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico

Saturday 7th January

The local cows have wandered down the arroyo onto the beach for a walk and a paddle in the sea.

Monday 9th January

The new bread maker has arrived.

Sunset at El Gecko's for drinks and dinner.

Wednesday 11th January

Today we are in San Jose del Cabo for shopping and look around the town, followed by a visit to Baja Brewery and a meal at the nearby Jazmine Restaurant. The restaurant is in the arts district of downtown and is Mexican rustic with lots of colour and a large outside courtyard. There is also a small retail area with old photos and memorabilia. The ambiance, staff, food and drinks were all excellent and they had a great Mariachi band.

Thursday 12th January

Sunset and time for a cocktail.

Margarita time at El Pirate.

The Mariachi band came to entertain us.

Friday 13th January

Thirteen of us on Friday 13th for dinner at Three Dog Corner. This is a car park just off the road leading into Los Barriles. One of the local family’s set up tables and chairs in the car park and barbeque. The menu is limited but it is good basic food and there is always a very lively atmosphere.

Saturday 14th January

The grey water (the exit pipe for waste shower and sink water) value fitting has broken and needs replacing. A job that was easier said than done, very tricky and it took hours but with help from Dave and Ron it got done.

Sunday 15th January

South of Los Barriles in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna is the town of Santiago. Taking a right from Mex 1 towards Santiago we crossed a large arroyo that runs through town. At the town plaza, we turned right towards the mountains, our destination being a freshwater lagoon and waterfall located about 10km from the town. We started to climb and eventually took a right fork signed Canon de la Zorra. Continuing along a sand road we reached Rancho Ecologico Sol de Mayo which is at the head of the trail down to the waterfall. At the rancho we paid a small fee and started our climb down to the river bed.

There are large steps cut into the rock to assist the climb down.

The climb was worth it to see this beautiful pristine fresh water lagoon. However, it was fresh as a mountain stream and as cold. Once in, the water was glorious.