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1 - 31 December 2016 - Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico

Tuesday 6th December

Travelling with Peter and Suzy in their jeep south of Los Barriles along the sand road that hugs the coast. Our destination is Punta Pescadero, the most northerly point of the Bahia de las Palmas.

There is a reef that extends from the beach at Punta Pescadero with plenty of fish and good snorkeling. First, we set up the sun shades, there is no cover at this beach and it is hot!



There is some development along this part of the East Cape but there are long stretches of unspoilt and deserted coastline.

Hotel Punta Pescadero, originally an isolated sportfishing place has grown into a hotel complex. With a paved runway the hotel has been popular with private pilots for some years for fly-in fishing trips . Although there has been development and more is planned, it is still relatively isolated and was a peaceful setting to have lunch.

Back on the hardtop heading towards Los Barriles with a view of Bahia de las Palmas to the south.

Thursday 8th December

Driving across the arroyo on the quad we saw a turtle burying eggs in the sand. We stopped and diverted other vehicles away and waited until she returned to the sea. This is quite a busy thoughfare for quads and ATV’s going into town, so we barricaded the area off with driftwood and sent a message to Noe to say where the eggs were for him to collect.

Saturday 10th December

The sun doesn’t always shine in Baja. Looks like a storm is on the way.

Sunday 11th December

There is an arroyo (dry river bed) either side of our campsite, San Bartolo to the north and Buenos Aires to the south. They both run from out of the mountains to the sea. As we now had the quad we decided to do some off road exploring and followed the Buenos Aires arroyo along its course from the sea towards the mountains.

About 45 minutes into our journey towards the mountains we hit water.

Following the water into a narrow canyon the flow eventually petered into a small water fall tumbling out of the mountains over the rocks.

We enjoyed being able to explore the arroyo which we certainly could not do in the car. The quiet and feeling of isolation with no other human beings about was really quite special, just the occasional cow or caracara bird and, of course, the ever present turkey vultures.

Back to the sand track on our return journey, we left the cooling water behind. In August/September when the most rain can fall we would not have got this far along the arroyo.

Finally, we reach the beach and turn left towards the campsite.

After a visit to the vet a while ago, Sandy was still limping. We returned to see our vet Gretel, at Clinical Veterinaria in the small town of La Cueva, about 40 minutes away south on Mex 1. It seems there is some damage to the first joint in Sandy’s left leg and it needs to be immobilized.

Sandy adapted to her caste very well and ran about quite happily as if her left leg didn’t exist, except it was quite useful to rest her chin on.

Monday 12th December


Clear skies tonight.

Sunday 18th December

Another nice sunset over the mountains but the clouds are gathering.

Tuesday 20th December

The cloudy weather does not put the kiteboarders off.

The kiteboard instructors stay on the beach and give instruction to their students out on the water via radio.

Thursday 22nd December

South from Los Barriles, Mexico 1 turns inland for 70 km before joining the coast again at the town of San Jose del Cabo.

To the west, as we travelled we had the dramatic backdrop of the Sierra de la Laguna.

San Jose sits above an estuary at the mouth of the Rio San Jose. A Jesuit mission was set up here by the Spanish in the 1730’s. The town still has an historic town centre and the feel of a traditional Mexican town.

The town has many artist’s galleries and shops selling unusual and quality products. On Thursday evenings Nov-Jun, there is an art walk around The Gallery District. The tour ends at Baja Brewery, where we stopped off for lunch before touring the town.

There are many colourfuljy restored colonial buildings. In the heart of the arts district is the Encanto Inn, a two-story hacienda style building with lush gardens and a courtyard with small swimming pool.

At the back of the property there is a pretty wedding chapel.

In the centre of town is the Plaza Teniente Jose Antonio Mijares and the Iglesia San Jose.

The plaza is all dressed up for Christmas.

Saturday 24th December

Christmas on the beach.

Peter’s Christmas Eve camp fire.

Debbie and Dave have arrived. They came down to Baja last year with us on the Baja Winters caravan. We are so pleased that they have been able join us back in Los Barriles again this year. They travelled down with Nancy and Bob who are also from Canada.

Sunday 25th December

Happy Christmas! Sandy opening her Christmas bone.

Pre-lunch drinks in the sunshine. Plenty of kiteboarders out on the sea.

Eight for lunch. Peter and Suzan, Dave and Debbie, Bob and Nancy and us two. Cheers!

Christmas Day Bocce – Bob, Tony and Debbie.

Nancy's shelties, Alyssum and Jack

Playing Mexican Trains

The end of a lovely day, lots of fun and great company.

Thursday 29th December

The baby turtles are still hatching.

Friday 30th December

Chris and Dave arrive. Hurray! First night dinner on the beach at El Gecko.

Saturday 31st December

Sun down on the last day of the year.

Mel and Lyn, Peter’s brother and wife have arrived from the UK for a three month stay.

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve dinner and party on the beach at El Gecko’s. Plenty of eating, drinking, dancing, good fun and laughs.

Enrique getting in on the picture.

Mel and Lyn

Mel in his wizard hat

Chris and Debbie

Debbie and Dave dancing in the New Year.

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