1 - 30 November 2016 - Los Barriles, BCS, Mexico

Tuesday 1st November

Pete and Fiona’s last evening with us. It has been a fun couple of weeks and it will be sad to say goodbye.

The north wind is starting to blow, cooling things down and chopping up the sea. With the wind comes the start of the kiteboarding season.

Wednesday 2nd November

We dropped Pete and Fiona off at the airport in the morning and then made our way into San Jose via the toll road. As we reached the exit toll booth the car stalled. We managed to get it going but it just limped away and stalled again at the side of the road. On inspection it was obvious that we had radiator problems. Luckily, we were at a toll booth and a Green Angel was on site, The Green Angels are federally funded and offer a free road side assistance service for tourists. They have a fleet of vehicles that patrol the roads of Mexico with bilingual crews to assist with breakdowns, Our Green Angel arranged for a flatbed truck to pick us and the car up and to be taken to a garage in San Jose.

We arrived at a small garage owned Jose Lupo. He diagnosed a split in the top section of the radiator. Now, I suspect that in the UK the whole radiator would have been replaced but no, Jose would source a new top for the radiator, fit it and all should be fine. We went off to amuse ourselves for the afternoon and came back about 4pm. Jose was still working but within the hour he was finished and our usually trusty car was back on the road. Jose was just brilliant, great job, excellent customer service and cheap. We were back in Los Barriles before dark which was great because that meant we did not have to worry about dodging the cows and donkeys that can frequent Mex 1 after dark.

Thursday 3rd November

After all the negotiations, at last we have a quad bike.

To celebrate our acquisition of the quad bike we went to Hotel Los Pescadores for drinks and dinner.

Marshmallow for desert.

Friday 4th November

Saturday 5th November

Evening sky.

Thursday 10th November

Tony and Sandy start dog agility training

Here we are at Lazy Daze beach bar where today they are raising money for the local sea turtle rescue organization, Grupo Tortuguero Los Barriles. A voluntary group started by two local brothers Noe and Omar Araiza, the aim of the group is to increase the number of turtles that reach maturity by moving turtle eggs into a protected area. Once hatched they are released into the Sea of Cortez

Followed by dinner at the nearby La Playa Restaurant watching the moon rise over the sea.

Saturday 12th November

This is the month for big moons with the supermoon coming up tomorrow. The night skies here are spectacular most evenings. There is very little light pollution and when there is no moon, the milky way comes clearly into view.

Saturday 13th November

Suzan’s three sisters and partners arrive from Texas for a few days holiday before Thanksgiving - Sandra and Ken, Sally and John, Holly and Greg.

We sat out watching the Supermoon rise.

Monday 14th November

At La Playa restaurant watching the Supermoon coming into view over the sea, apparently this is the closest the moon has been to earth since 1948.

Wednesday 16th November

Olive Ridley Sea Turtles - one of the threatened species of turtle in the Sea of Cortez - ready to be released from the beach near our campsite. There are over two hundred recently hatched turtles here.

Omar releasing todays hatchlings.

La Casita Restaurant

Thursday 17th November

Hotel Los Pescadores.

Friday 18th November

Pepper - Hutch, the Camp Hosts dog - on her morning walk.

Just the weather for windsurfing and kiteboarding.