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22 - 24 June 2015 Washington - Blaine

Monday 22nd June

We left Lone Fir camp this morning and made our way down the scenic 503 to pick up the I-5 North at Woodland. We have enjoyed our time at Lone Fir but it is time to take the 282 mile journey to Blaine and the Canadian border. The I-5 followed the Columbia River for a while and at Kalama we saw some large cargo ships. Past Mt Rainier National Park, the Chehalis Tribal Centre and Olympia the state capitol. Saw what looked like a triumph herald with extra high wheels then we noticed the propellers. It was amphibious craft and from the side looked like a boat. The interstate took us through Seattle, past the downtown skyscrapers and across Lake Union. We arrived at the Birch Bay campsite in Blaine early evening. The campsite is big with large grassy parking sites and small wooded area with walking trails. We settled in, took Sandy for a walk and had early dinner, too tired to go exploring.

Tuesday 23rd June

The weather is hot and sunny and we sat outside in the sunshine eating breakfast. Our satnav has stopped working so Tony spent some time on the telephone to Magellan the manufacturer explaining the problem. The outcome was, we need to send the satnav back to Magellan. Tony cleaned the BBQ first

and then we set off to Bellingham about 20 miles south to the UPS shipping office. Mission accomplished we went to Walmart to get supplies.

Wednesday 24th June

Spotted a Bald Eagle flying above the camp, wasn’t quick enough getting the camera out before it disappeared. Birch Bay is one side of a headland with Blaine at the other. We took a drive around to Blaine following the coast, the tide was out which left mud flats and scattered boulders and rocks. Who should be sitting on one of the rocks but a Bald Eagle, guess what, we didn’t have the camera! Blaine is a nice tidy small coastal town with a large Marina. We made our way along the coastal road back to Birch Bay, in land for a while then back on the coast road until we got to Birch Bay State Park. On the way we saw a few family’s paddling about in pools on the mud flats but no sandy beach for Sandy to run on.

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