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14 - 15 May 2015 California - Sacramento

Thursday 14th May

The weather forecast for the area is not good for today with snow expected on the higher ground in Yosemite, therefore we decided to make our way back west towards Sacramento. We headed west on the 140 down the winding roads with gorgeous views across the country to Merced where we picked up the I-99 north. On our way we passed fruit growing areas and as we approached Sacramento the landscape changed to vineyards. At lunchtime we arrived at the KOA RV park and Tower Park Marina on the Sacramento River delta. This is a grassy tree lined park with two nice pools and a large jacuzzi. It is very quiet and we have lots of space to ourselves. The weather was sunny and pleasant this afternoon, after lunch we made the most of it and sunbathed. The wind suddenly got up and it looked like we would be getting some heavy rain but just as suddenly it changed again. On the news this evening it showed flash floods just south of where we are, we were lucky that the rain had passed us by.

Friday 15th May

Visited the local shops this morning. Whilst Tony and Dave went off to buy car radiator sealant, Chris and I went to JC Penny for a look around. It had been 38 years since Chris had been in the shop all those years ago when she lived in Texas. At lunchtime we went into Sacramento - the state capital, set in the heart of the Gold Country region - to have a look around the historic old downtown area near the river. There where several board walk lined streets with 19th and early 20th century buildings from the era when the area was a busy port with paddle-wheel river boats carrying freight to San Francisco. The old school house and fire station were still there, plus saloons, shops and restaurants. Moored at the dock was an old paddle steamer that was now a hotel and restaurant. We had lunch sitting in the sunshine on the high quay overlooking the river at the Rio City Cafe. We watched a couple of turtles paddling about in the river, eventually they crawled out onto a piece of piping to that they could splay themselves out and sunbath.

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