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  • Name Marge & Kevin Smith

  • Subject Trip home from Bryce

  • Message Glad to see you relocated to Tropic. The trip home went well. We did stop at a cafe that had just opened that day....slow all the way around....water, taking the order and getting the order. One of those been there down that places. Wondering if either of you are on Facebook? Kevin posted the pictures that we took on Facebook yesterday. Loved meeting you. Take care, Love, Marge & Kevin, your Bryce Canyon Neighbors

       Sent on: 23 June, 2017

  • Name Scott Schneider

  • Subject 2 years later

  • Message Great to get your email today Tony! Not long ago we meet, (2yrs) been watching your travels, and amazed of how your living your life! Truly heaven on earth lifestyle... Best to Cathy and my favorite pooch.

  • Sent on: 6 June, 2017

  • Name Scott Detwiller

  • Subject Hey there!!

  • Message I just thought I would drop you a quick message to say HI:) We made is home yesterday (boo) and it's raining haha! I hope your travels are going great, have a safe trip! Give us a shout anytime!! Scott ... ... ....Rebecca ... ... ....

  • Sent on: 1 June, 2017

  • Name Jane Little

  • Subject March Blog

  • Message Hi, Just read your March adventures. How fun! Makes me miss the Baja already. Enjoy your travels north. Take care, Jane and Peter

  • Sent on: 28 May, 2017

  • Name Lorraine Ashford

  • Subject Hello!!!

  • Message Wow Cathy and Tony, what an adventure, I'm in awe of your travels! Looks like your having the very best of times. I'm just back from 2 weeks in South Africa, staying with Sue H. Pat Mc Bride and Jane Mac were part of the crowd there too. It's middle of the night in Singapore and I'm enjoying a good catch up on your travels. One day we may be in the same place at the same time. Xxxxxxxx

  • Sent on: 18 April, 2017

  • Name Peter and Debbie Chang

  • Subject Hello Tony and Cathy

  • Message I just thought I would say hello since I was enjoying seeing your photos and reading about your travels. It sure looks like you have had a lot of an interesting adventures. Are you back home yet or are your still exploring the US? We head up to the Tri-Cities area in Washington in a couple weeks. Peter has a job at the .............. in ..............., so ... although it won't all be fun and games, it will be fun and very beautiful! Peter still loves to tell everyone about you two and your adventurous, carefree, long RV escapades!! Take care and have a margarita for me! Debbie

  • Sent on: 8 April, 2017

  • Name Roy (EPC)

  • Subject Still Following !!!!

  • Message Well what a Fantastic Journey !! Lovely to see & hear you both (&Sandy) are having such a GREAT Time !! Photos & Blog have been superb and enjoyed the trip with you......... All Ok here Regards Roy

       Sent on: 7 April, 2017

  • Name Howard and Helen Kovar

  • Subject How are you and Cathy and Sandy, Was Sandy the dogs name

  • Message We were the ones parked next to you (Class C) RV at Whitefish Montana below Glacier National Park. Remember we had the Dash hound dog named Greta. Name of The Motel was Cheap sleep. Came across your website and phone Number on my I-Phone. Looking at pictures you posted have all the signs of a good time. Helen and I didn't think we were going to continue RVing so we sold our RV. Our home is in New Braunfels, Texas, but we have rented a Cabin for a few weeks there in Whitefish and plan to leave here June 8th, we love that area. Would enjoy hearing from you, Hope you are both well and having fun. Howard Kovar

  • Sent on: 14 March, 2017

  • Name Gina Brocker

  • Subject Santander ATM

  • Message Hi Tony and Cathy, I met you yesterday at the bank and I have to say, you made my day. I really love your story, it is very inspirational. Love to meet people like you guys. Have a great and safe travel in Mexico and everywhere you go.

  • Sent on: 18 October, 2016

  • Name Jerel

  • Subject Hello

  • Message Had to give a shout out to Peter and Suzan. We met at The Fargo Brewing Co and they alerted me to your site. I have enjoyed following your trip and the beautiful scenery. Peter and Suzan, hope you enjoy your exploits, really enjoyed visiting with you that afternoon. Have a great winter! Jerel

  • Email

  • Sent on: 27 September, 2016

  • Name Alex & Bruce

  • Subject We met at Kentucky Horse Park

  • Message was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for showing your rv to us.. keep enjoying your adventure. This is my email ............................................... We will look into that rv model very soon. Thank you! Bruce and Alex

  • Sent on: 29 June, 2016

  • Name Ian Hunter

  • Subject Greetings Tony & Cathy,...

  • Message Enjoyed hearing about your trip last night at ....... I had an idea about a unique addition to your travels that might be worth considering while your in this area. The highest point in the Great Smoky Mountain Nat'l Park is about 1 1/2 hours from Asheville to the northeast. It is called Clingman's Dome. I was there this past weekend. It is a lovely drive. From the top, one has a unique view that allows one to comprehend the Appalachian chain for many hundreds of miles in all directions, and in two or three states. The Appalachian Trail passes over the top of Clingman's Dome and is available for a day hike. Just a thought. Wishing you successful and safe travels. Cheers, Ian

  • Sent on: 22 June, 2016

  • Name Jeff & Wendy Evans

  • Subject Apologies for not saying goodbye

  • Message Hey you two, With the onset of this rain/tropical storm Colin this morning, we decided to get a wiggle on and try and out run it to Charleston, and we're glad we did. The traffic / spray on the I95 was dodgy to say the least. But, in our haste to leave we didn't have time to say goodbye and thank you both for the hospitality last night, our turn next time when you eventually catch up with us! We can recommend this park (James Island County Park) lovely and clean with a shuttle $10 each for a return into the town of Charleston. Get yourselves on G+ and we can bore you with our photos as and when we post them. Got the pleasurable task of going through your blog now, but first I must eat. All the best Jeff & Wendy

  • Sent on: 6 June, 2016

  • Name Lillian J. Small

  • Subject Inspiring

  • Message Just met you at the store Forever New Orleans in New Orleans (I'm the perky shop girl with the glasses). So nice to meet you both and I love that you decided not to retire for your retirement but are living a new life as adventurers and seekers of joy! Looking forward to seeing where you go next. I'll be in a play in July if you're still around. Hope you can drop in. Hugs from NOLA, Lilly

  • Sent on: 6 May, 2016


  • Name Debbie and Dave

  • Subject Hello from Bryce Canyon, Utah

  • Message Have been following your blog since we left you in Playa Norte. We were so jealous that you got to stay. It was a gorgeous place and it was great seeing your pictures of all the fun you had after we left too! We're thinking of returning in November! Are you with us???? We sure hope so!!!! Miss you guys and be safe and have fun!

  • Sent on: 4 April, 2016


  • Name Deven Bhan

  • Subject Greetings on Easter Holiday

  • Message Tom and Cathy: It was very nice getting to know you at Luling, TX. I was very impressed with your rig and the solar power based back up power system you have installed. The Blog is very nice and plan on following it. Later, Deven 3/27/16

  • Sent on: 27 March, 2016


  • Name Debbie

  • Subject Great Blog

  • Message I got to see the blog this afternoon. It was great seeing all the places that we had so much fun in together! I wish I was still in Playa Norte with you guys! Those shots of the whales were fabulous! Looks like you're continuing to have fun even without us!!! Good for you!!! Dave and I are in Yuma until Tuesday, then heading into Utah. Miss you guys! Continue to have fun and give Sandy a pat from us.

  • Sent on: 18 March, 2016


  • Name Debbie Kennedy

  • Subject Where are you guys??

  • Message Haven't heard from you and haven't had very good internet so haven't been able to follow your blog. Hope all is well, and when you have time send us a note. We're in Yuma until Tuesday. Cheers, Deb and Dave

  • Sent on: 18 March, 2016


  • Name Art and Kathy Fust

  • Subject Miss you already

  • Message We so enjoyed meeting you both and having you as neighbors for our wonderful time at Los Barilles. We are just south of Loreto for tonight and will continue to head north in the morning. We will continue to follow your blog and will stay in touch. All the best, Art and Kathy

  • Sent on: 13 March, 2016


  • Name Randy King

  • Subject blog

  • Message Lovely blog. Limited access here at Playa Norte, but we'll keep trying.

  • Sent on: 21 February, 2016


  • Name James and Linda Okvist

  • Subject Great meeting you in Lazydays RV Park

  • Message Tony and Cathy, It was fun talking to you today and letting our dogs bond. This is a very nice blog. Here is the URL to our current blog: Just for savage ammusement here is our dog Kacey web page: Here is the URL for our last years winter blog: There are pages on our 2015 blog that talk about RV Parks in the Florida panhandle and Gulf Shores AL. If you look at our blog please add a comment. I love comments. Jim, Linda and Kacey Okvist

  • Sent on: 14 January, 2016


  • Name Sam, Sean, Jess and Charlotte

  • Subject New Year Greetings

  • Message Hi Cath and Tony, You all look like you're having the most amazing time. Can't believe you've been away for a year already!!!! Here's wishing you a happy and healthy new year full of more wonderful adventures. Lots of love Sam, Sean, Jess and Charlotte xx

  • Sent on: 3 January, 2016


  • Name Diana

  • Subject New year

  • Message I love Sandy's outfit really suits here, Cathy you look good in red and if only we knew where to send a card we would have. Have a superb New Year's Eve wherever you are, we're off to neighbours for drinks, (several) then meeting the kids back here to open a bottle or two of fizz upon their return (past midnight probably). We've also invited our neighbours over for a midnight party... Enjoy and hope your travels are safe, fun and leisurely and without too many hic-ups. Love Diana Ray Bethan and george. Ps please continue with your blog, I love reading it. Xxx and a big one for Sandy x

  • Sent on: 31 December, 2015


  • Name Lois & Barry Hornung

  • Subject Enjoying being a "passenger" on you journey

  • Message Hi Cathy & Tony & Sandy, Since meeting you i the campground in Whitefish I have enjoyed following you on you journey. Some, such as your experiences in South Dakota provide me with a wonderful trip down memory lane as we experienced many of the same sites. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.r Today I am in Calgary, Alberta pet-sitting my girl friend's dog (Cooper an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Cross) and cat (Stella). As it's a beautiful sunny day we are heading out to hike in one of Calgary's off-leash parks called Nose Hill. It's like exploring the prairie in the middle of the city. I'm sure Sandy would love it!! Enjoy your travels!! Lois :o)

  • Sent on: 17 October, 2015


  • Name Teine and Martin

  • Subject Just to say hi!!

  • Message Hi to you both, Some of those photographs are just amazing. Hope you are both keeping well, you certainly look ok in the pictures. So, Canada was pretty good? where are you off to next in America, do you chase the sunshine? Have you changed your car? How is the RV motoring? All is well back here around the Hill/Souto/Goodman camp,.....  Catch up soon. Keep enjoying life, take care and lots and lots of love to you both Teine, Martin & Gracie xxx

  • Sent on: 23 September, 2015



  • Name Lee and Jackie Gordon

  • Subject Benson Az

  • Message Hi Tony and Cathy: I was just catching up on your Blog. We were in Whitefish and also took a ride on the Red Jammers in Glacier. We were up there in July it was very hot at that time. So glad to see that both of you are having a wonderful time on your travels. Its beautiful country once you get out of these big cities. We loved Montana and So. Dakota also. We got home in California the middle of July. I was glad to get home after being on the road for 3 months. Do you guys ever get homesick for England? We are going to Lone Pine fo the Film Festival beginning of October then up to Paso Robles, Ca. for a week with our Club. Anway take care and safe travels. Lee and Jackie Gordon

  • Sent on: 20 September, 2015


  • Name Robin Williams

  • Subject Hi

  • Message Both. Still monitoring your progress. One month on, I'm still missing Jasper! Itching to return one day. One of the nicest towns that we have visited. The girls are still talking about the rafting! Hope you get back into US soon. Regards Robi.

  • Sent on: 1 September, 2015


  • Name: John

  • Subject: Catch up

  • Message:  Just catching up on your blog. Is it hard work being on holiday every day??? Life looks fantastic. You both must have so many great memories. You are doing a grand job Cathy with the blog. Has Sandy taken over my passenger seat? & how did you get on with the sat nav before you stamped on it? We did have problems when I was with you...

    Sent on: 7 August, 2015


  • Name : Simon

  • Subject : Stuff

  • Message : Hi Tony Cath & Sandy Disappointed we couldn't speak the other night but that's the way it goes when your copying Grissly Adams, The last few weeks look like a fantastic part of your adventure and I am really bloody jealous. So to get you back I am going go to the Old Mo and have a beer and take a photo ! The roads in Alaska looked a bit iffy, kinda Small Heath with trees but I loved the rafting and the tame Elk. Cath you a getting better with the camera some nice shots of Tony with a wine glass in his hand waking through the woods,never saw Grissly Adams do that...  so hopefully we can talk before then Keep safe and remember "don't feed the Bears" Love Si,Nin,El,Tom & Fred

  • Sent on: 6 August, 2015


  • Name: Robin Williams

  • Subject: Whitewater Rafting at Jasper

  • Message: Both, just viewed your Jasper blog. Excellent day and thank you for your company in the raft. Excellent photos. Hope you get back into the .. very soon. Robin

    Sent on: 5 August, 2015


  • Name: roy dunbavin

  • Subject:  Blog

  • Message:  Wow......The Blog is so Good. Just great to keep up with your travels !! Looks like you are having a great trip . Hope you both are keeping ok and Sandy is enjoying her nomadic life ? Weather in Birmingham July 1st - Hottest on Record !! Keep up the Good Work

    Sent on: 2 July, 2015


  • Name: Nobby

  • Subject: Hi from Thailand

  • Message: Hi Cath & Tony Just wanted to say hi from Rayoug and having fun reading about your journey. Take care Nobby PS what your year will you hit Thailand. Keith Phillips

    Sent on: 25 June, 2015


  • Name : scott

  • Subject : #2 hair cut...

  • Message : Tony, Interested in a #1 hair cut before you leave town come over for a 10 year looking younger look!!! See your old and new look and think a #1 will do you even better, see for yourself-- look at your own blog images the razor does not lie!!! LOL' Crab Pot as famous Crab Shack- Boil together in your new crab pot Red potatoes with skin. Red Onions. White Onions. Corn on the Cob 1/2's Sauage Links Option Crab's Boil until done, pour into a strainer and add S&P with lot's of butter, MMMGOOD.MMMMMORE... best\SS

  • Sent on: 11 June, 2015


  • Name : scott

  • Subject : Bandon Oregon Sunset Video

  • Message : Wonderful Website and travels to come for the 3 of you! I will enjoy watching your moves here in the future until I am able to do the same. Keep the photos coming especially of 'Sandy Girl'. Drone Sunset @ Bandon Oregon;

  • Sent on: 8 June, 2015


  • Name : Mel Guthrie

  • Subject : Just heard about the blog

  • Message : from Melita! Happily reading my way thru and feeling v envious as I sit here on a grey, damp, and pretty cold Tuesday the 2nd June!!!!! Still, heat wave predicted for next two weeks. Stay safe and keep writing, loving it!

  • Sent on: 2 June, 2015


  • Name : Holley & Larry Yarberry

    Subject : Calistoga

    Message : It was nice meeting all of you, had a lot of fun. Keep in touch,if on your travels you need any suggestions on things to see or do let us know mabey we can help you out. I have family every where. At least that's what Larry 's old boss thinks. Safe travels. Holley & Larry

  • Sent on: 24 May, 2015


          Name : Diana fiveash

  •    Subject : Travelling with friends

       Message : Hi it's great to hear from you, Judy sent your newsy email on.....

       Keen to hear more and see photos with love to you both the little one.

  •    Love Diana and ray xxzzz

  •    Sent on: 17 May, 2015


          Name: Lee and Jackie Gordon

          Subject: Your blog

          Subject: Hi Tony And Cathy and Sandy Love your blog.... So glad you got your Rv taken care of Sounds

          like your having a wonderful time We are in Georgetown Texas getting a lot of rain happy and safe travels

          Sent on: 17 May, 2015


          Name Nat

          Subject WOW!

          Message Love the blog! Amazing photos! Looks like an adventure of a life time. Thinking of you often, Love Nat xxx

          Sent on: 14 May, 2015


Dear Tony, Cathy & Sandy,

We hope you are well. We are really missing you all. The Enville sales are shockingly very down!!!!!! We have had the director of Enville on the telephone saying share prices are down. We have blamed you Tony.

Your blog look absolutely amazing and it really looks like you are living the dream. Some of the sights look breath taking.

Everything back here is fine, we have not long had a beer festival which was very successful and very busy. The Morris Dancing was not the same with out you two taking part though. Sukhi tried all the beers and then back through the, again and then  again and still couldnt decide on his favourite one.

We are still busy which is good and the food is still doing very well and the chief Mia is now back doing Monday Nights only. 

Have you found any nice currys over there yet?? And is any beer close to Enville??

Has Sandy made any new friends or do you move to often before she can make friends?

We was just saying we cant believe that you have been gone for 4 months already it has gone really quickly but at the same time feels like you have been gone forever.

So will you have to come back after 6 months or will you be able to go to Canada and then back on your travels??? The selfish part of us wants you to come back for a holiday so we can see you. ha ha ha.......


Bruno, Tank and Angel are all fine and as cheeky as ever.

So continue to enjoy yourselves and live the dream and we miss you all very much. I will whattap you a nice picture of a pint of Enville in a lovely new Enville Glass.

Lots of Love

Sukhi & Linsay



       Name Elaine


       Message Hi Y'all - sounds like you're doing a lot of eating (and a little drinking!) and having a really good time all round. Love the blog -      keep it coming! Elaine & Stephen xx

  • Sent on: 10 May, 2015


    Name Nigel Mould

    Subject The US Journey

    Message We have both been enjoying reading the blog of your journey. Some lovely pictures makes us very jealous….. Have to say there are a lot of photos with beer involved. Glad to see you are all enjoying yourselves. Regards Nigel & Jean

  • Sent on: 8 May, 2015


    Name : Tim Bell

    Subject : Re your blog

    Message : Hi both. I had somehow got it into my head that you were starting your adventure about now so sat down yesterday to see if your blog was up and running. I was a little surprised to find how far you'd got and to note that you set off in January!! I've spent the last couple of days catching up and gradually getting greener and greener. You sound as though you are having a tremendous time and I love your RV. It really looks to be home from home and I think it's great that you've taken your dog with you. She must be loving it. At the moment I'm just up to first week of April so have a month still to read. After that I'll look forward to seeing regular instalments. I won't write more at the moment until I know that this contact system works but I'm so pleased that you've got everything underway and seem to be enjoying life. By the way, I like the picture of you both at TFS airport in 1975 .............. Complete with Dan-Air 727 in the background. It brought memories flooding back! Keep-up the great blog. All the best, Tim & Di xx

  • Sent on: 4 May, 2015


    Name Chris

    Subject Hi from Chris

    Message Dear Cathy. Many thanks for yr birthday message. Good that all going so well for u both been on yr blog fantastic what lovely places you are visiting and must be so much fun and relaxing well deserved after working so hard for so long….. Wish you continued great journey take good care. Chris xxxxx

    Sent on: 1 May, 2015


  • Name : Diana fiveash

    Subject : Holidays and rv

    Message : Hi it's fantastic what you are doing and I love reading the blog. the RV looks superb…..  The travelling sounds wonderful, I hope you're meeting some amazing people too….. Anyhow love to Cathy, keep in touch and keep sending the photos and updating your blog.... Love Diana xx


  • Name : Vicki Davis

  • Subject : Me again!

  • Message : Ok so I thought I'd read it all, apparently not - spent the last couple of hours reading and looking at your fab pics. Keep it coming! Xxxx

  • Sent on: 26 April, 2015


  • Name : Vicki Davis

  • Subject : Hello!

  • Message : Hi Cathy and Tony I've just been reading your blog - wow! What fantastic adventures so far, it looks like you're having a great time. The RV looks amazing (meet the fockers) and I bet Sandy is having an absolute ball.....  Simon popped round earlier and said your blog was up and running so I've just spent the last half an hour reading everything and catching up - eagerly awaiting the next instalment to find out what you've been up to the last month......  Look forward to hearing from you Lots of love Vic xxx

  • Sent on: 26 April, 2015


  • Name: Jayne Howle

  • Subject: Reading your blog

  • Message: Its good to read about your travels. Hope you are having an amazing time. Jayne

  • Sent on: 24 April, 2015


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