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Wednesday 2nd August

BC Ferries have a special promotion for oversize vehicles, called Size up the Savings. Our full length with tow dolly and car attached is 53 feet and we made a good saving with this offer (cost 194 CD

We managed to get on an earlier ferry than expected and was the last but one vehicle loaded on the 3.15pm ferry. We headed north along the Strait of Giorgia towards Duke Point near Nanaimo. The journey took two hours, unfortunately the weather was very windy, nearly took us off our feet, and the visibility not good, therefore we didn’t get a good view of Vancouver as we passed.


Saturday 1st July

Our journey continued along the I-84 into Oregon. The south-east region of the state is classed as High Desert and spreads like a wide finger west towards the Cascade Mountains. Driving through the region it looks like moorland with green rolling hills and irrigated valleys.

Walmart in Island City to stock up and stay over in the car park for the night.

Sunday 2nd July

The terrain changed to pine covered hills as we continued west before descending into vast grass covered plains.

Just outside Pendleton we saw warnings for low visibility due smoke. There was a grass fire raging at...

Thursday 1st June

Los Barriles – La Paz 98 Km

We said good-bye to Baja Sunrise RV Park, and Jorge and Sergio, until our return in November. It was hard to drive away from the beach and the beautiful Bahia las Palmas. At the same time, we were looking forward to being back on the road again, seeing new places, meeting new people and catching up with some old friends on the way. The first leg of the journey was just 98 Km through the mountains to La Paz. The road was quiet, except for the occasional wandering goat herd, and we made good time. Our first stop was Walmart to stock up with supplies be...

Saturday 1st April

La Paz – Los Barriles

After a visit to Walmart to stock up, we headed out of town to the south for our journey through the mountains to Los Barriles. 

Stopped off in the mountain fruit growing town of San Bartolo to buy mango empanadas.

Our new campsite, Baja Sunrise is located just south of Los Barriles. Jorge the park owner was there to greet us. We have a nice spot right by the beach and soon set up camp. The park was quiet, just three other RV’s. We met Aubrey and Bev from Canada. They have been here at the RV park for a little while.

We will be staying or a couple of months...

Wednesday 1st March

Today is the day we depart Los Barriles, after our five month stay, for the 1,000 mile journey north on the Baja peninsula to San Diego.

We are the last ones standing from our group at Playa Norte. Everyone has left over the past few days to make their way north for the summer. The RV looks very lonely standing on its own with no neighbours. After a final check around the camp, we are on the road

A last look at the Sea of Cortez from the bedroom window.

Sandy looking sad to be leaving the beach and her hunting ground.


We are soon on the sand road, or the by-pass as it is calle...

Wednesday 1st February

One man, his dog and a kayak.

 Open mike night at La Fogata Restaurant.

 The lengths Peter will go to avoid the camera.

Thursday 2nd February

Today we went snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo where there is a protected coral reef which has been a National Marine Park since 1995. Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez “The World’s Aquarium” because it has such a variety of marine life from all types of whale down to tiny Nudibranch molluscs. Our guide for the day was Simon Cazaly from Dive in Baja. Simon is a PADI Scuba Instructor originally from England but has been here in the East...

Saturday 7th January

The local cows have wandered down the arroyo onto the beach for a walk and a paddle in the sea.

Monday 9th January

The new bread maker has arrived.

Sunset at El Gecko's for drinks and dinner.

Wednesday 11th January

Today we are in San Jose del Cabo for shopping and look around the town, followed by a visit to Baja Brewery and a meal at the nearby Jazmine Restaurant. The restaurant is in the arts district of downtown and is Mexican rustic with lots of colour and a large outside courtyard. There is also a small retail area with old photos and memorabilia. The ambiance, staff, food...

 Tuesday 6th December

Travelling with Peter and Suzy in their jeep south of Los Barriles along the sand road that hugs the coast. Our destination is Punta Pescadero, the most northerly point of the Bahia de las Palmas.

There is a reef that extends from the beach at Punta Pescadero with plenty of fish and good snorkeling. First, we set up the sun shades, there is no cover at this beach and it is hot!



There is some development along this part of the East Cape but there are long stretches of unspoilt and deserted coastline.

Hotel Punta Pescadero, originally an isolated sportfishi...

Tuesday 1st November

Pete and Fiona’s last evening with us. It has been a fun couple of weeks and it will be sad to say goodbye.

The north wind is starting to blow, cooling things down and chopping up the sea. With the wind comes the start of the kiteboarding season. 

 Wednesday 2nd November

We dropped Pete and Fiona off at the airport in the morning and then made our way into San Jose via the toll road. As we reached the exit toll booth the car stalled. We managed to get it going but it just limped away and stalled again at the side of the road. On inspection it was obvious that we had radiator p...


Saturday 1st October

Our last day on the road.

 Continuing south from La Paz we soon came to the beautiful Sierra De La Laguna. Passing through the old mining town of El Triunfo.

The countryside was green with a profusion of summer flowers. There were dark clouds over the top of the mountains making for a dramatic looking scene. We passed over dry arroyos, and through the fruit growing valley where there are mangos for sale in the small town of San Bartelo.

Once through the mountains the Sea of Cortez appeared in the distance. After crossing two wide arroyos we entered the outskirts of Los Barril...

Friday 16th September - Day 9

An exciting day as we started our nearly thousand mile journey down the Baja peninsula to Los Barriles.

We departed Chula Vista to make the 38 mile journey to the border town of Tecate. Travelling on Highway 94 east we went through some lovely countryside with lingering morning mist around the mountains. At Tecate we went to the Mexican border office to get our tourist cards. The same border officer was on duty as the last time we crossed the border in January. He was still selling his bottles of hot chilli sauce. We walked back through the US border control office...

Wednesday 10th August.

The Raccoons are back in the dumpster!

Departed Lake Jacomo this morning

and headed west into Kansas and the Great Plains. We quickly came to the state line into Kansas

and picked up the I-35 south down to Wichita. About 100 miles down the road we came to the Flint Hills. Here the terrain became grassland prairie with herds of grazing cattle. This is the largest unplowed area of prairie that remains on the Great Plains and originally bison inhabited the land. Early settlers were unable to plow the flint rock soil, therefore, cattle ranches predominated and the tallgrass prai...

Monday 25th July

Before leaving York today to head west, we paid a visit to the Harley Davidson factory. The town and surrounding area is known for its factory tours, one example being, Hershey, the famous chocolate factory. Unfortunately, the Harley Davidson factory tours are suspended for a few weeks whilst they put in a new production line. However, we had a short talk from one of the guides and saw a film about the history of the company and how a bike is manufactured from scratch. We also got to sit on a few bikes.

From there we went into downtown York to the Camera Shop to buy a part for o...

Monday 18th July

We left Staunton this morning, a small town that we have enjoyed very much and a good place to base a stay in the scenic Shenandoah Valley. The town is compact with nice small shops and a lively arts, music and theatre scene. A good social setting with bars, restaurants, small breweries, bakeries, coffee shops and friendly locals but the time has come to move on and see what’s around the next corner. Our original plan was to move west from Virginia but we have decided to continue north a little further into Pennsylvania and visit the civil war battlefield at Gettysburg and the...

Monday 4th July – American Independence Day - Sandy has her stars and stripes collar on.

Heavy rain overnight. Like the UK, it always rains on a holiday Monday! We packed up camp and headed east towards West Virginia on the I-64.

Known as the Mountain State, West Virginia sits within the tree covered Appalachian Mountain Range area. In the south is the large Pocahontas Coalfield discovered in the 19th century. In the north-east is Harpers Valley where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers meet and Robert E Lee captured John Brown when he attempted to raid the United States Arsenal.

It was a damp mist...

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