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RVing USa & EUrope

We are Tony & Cathy Hill from Birmingham UK. After buying a RV (motorhome) in Texas we are now traveling the United States, Canada and Mexico. Once we have completed our travels we will be shipping our RV back to the UK so that we can tour Europe for a further three years.


This blog is a personal record of our travels. It is designed for us to look back on when we are in our dotage (not long now). It is also for family and friends to keep up with where we are at and what we are up to. So sorry if it gets a bit boring at times, but such is life.


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January 2015

LATEST NEWS - October 2020

After traveling through France and Spain over the past 10 weeks we have reached our winter destination in Portugal. We are totally impressed with facilities on site and the local area. Hope you are all keeping safe during these troubled times.